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Holidays in Pelion

The Pelion peninsula is covered with villages and hamlets of various shape and size. From the large mountainous villages such as Tsagarada and Portaria, to the smaller hamlets such as Mikro and Platanias, each village in Pelion has it's own charm and beauty.

The villages of Koropi and Afissos, which are both located along the Pagasitic Gulf, are two villages that are very popular with visitors to the region of Pelion.

Apanemia Rooms - Koropi Pelion Greece

All over the Pelion coastline, you will find many beautiful beaches. In Koropi, you will find the beaches of "Boufa" and "Ramnos", which are two of the most popular beaches in all of Pelion.

During the summer months, visitors from all over Pelion head to the beaches of "boufa" and "Ramnos" to relax, swim and soak up the lively and friendly atmosphere. Within Koropi and Afissos, you will find a nice selection of cafe bars, and tavernas where you sit back and enjoy a cool drink or tasty meal whilst enjoying the beautiful views out towards the Pagasitic Gulf.

Built in the form of an amphitheatre, Afissos, which is 25km from Volos, is a well organised village for tourism. According to legend, Afissos was where Jason and the Argonauts stopped for water before continuing their journey to Colhida in search of the Golden Fleece.

Afissos - Pelion Greece

During the summer months, a series of shows and festivals take place, to which everyone is invited. These shows are all under the name of "Argonautica", in tribute to Jason and the Argonauts.

In Koropi, which is 21km from the city of Volos, there is a lovely landscape with the green scenery leading all the way down to the beach. Close to the main road, in the area of Ramnos, you will find the ancient oracle of Apollo. This is also close to "Palaiopirgos", which is actually the ancient city of Koropi.

All over Pelion are many places of interest, such as churches and monasteries, some small museums, traditional mansions, and a glorious landscape that is unlike any other in Greece.

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